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Opera Browser

Browse the web with Opera for Android


  • Smart Speed Dial section
  • Loads pages very quickly in Off-Road mode
  • Slick tabbed browsing integration
  • Quick access to your browsing history
  • Offers recommended content on start page
  • Attractive user interface


  • No separate bookmarks feature (now in Speed Dial)
  • No progress bar
  • Doesn't support Flash

Very good

Now with bookmark sync

Opera 29 introduces bookmark sync on Android, so you can now easily move between browsing on a desktop or laptop, and your mobile device.

Opera browser Access your favorite sites quickly and view more pages using less data

Get the best mobile browser for Android. Opera looks great, loads pages super fast and keeps you safe on the web. Do more online with Opera for Android.


Top features

- Video compression: Watch videos when you want on your mobile device, while using less data. Turn on video compression in the data-savings settings to prevent videos from stalling.

- Add to home screen: Add any website directly to your home screen to access your favorite sites even faster. Some sites, like twitter.com, will even give you an app-like experience!

- Force zoom on any site: You can now force zoom to work on any site: just go to Settings and tick “Force enable zoom”.

- Stay in sync: Sync your phone’s Speed Dial shortcuts, tabs, bookmarks and typed history across all your devices. It’s never been easier to take all that you find fun, interesting or just plain entertaining on the web with you.


Other highlights

- Stay online: Our data-savings mode powered by Opera’s compression servers help you browse faster, even on slow or congested networks. If you have a limited data plan, you can download more content, while staying within your plan’s limits.

- Keep it private: Use Opera’s private tabs to go anywhere on the internet without leaving a trace on your device.

- Stay up to date: The Discover feature brings you the latest news, tech, sports and other content from world-leading magazines and newspapers, right in the browser.


Navigation tips

- Pull-to-refresh: Swipe down on any webpage to reload it.

- Search instantly, anywhere: Opera makes searching even simpler. Depending on your device, swipe up from the bottom edge in any app or long-press the home button to search the web with Opera. It’s a fast way to search the web.

- Organize your web: Speed Dial keeps the sites you love close at hand. Add your favorite pages to your Speed Dial or bookmarks simply by tapping the + symbol while you browse, and choose “Speed Dial”.

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Opera Browser


Opera Browser

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