Opera 47.0.2631.71

Opera - the virtual private network user's browser?

Opera is a free web browser which functions in much the same way as Edge, Chrome or Firefox, but it has a handy free VPN feature which makes it stand out. View full description


  • Free VPNs
  • Visualised bookmarking
  • Ad-free web browsing


  • Few parental controls
  • A small amount of sites are not optimized for it


Opera is a free web browser which functions in much the same way as Edge, Chrome or Firefox, but it has a handy free VPN feature which makes it stand out.

Why choose Opera software instead of other browsers?

Of course, having a virtual private network (VPN) between computer terminals is nothing new, but doing so through a browser is. With Opera software, many other web browsers are left standing in the blocks when it comes to offering this sort of feature. Although alternative browsers - such as Google's much-lauded Chrome, for instance – will allow you to download extensions to provide VPNs, Opera's approach has been to build this sort of functionality into the product from the get-go. It is ideal for anyone who wants to be able to connect securely to certain web-based services in a manner which cannot be snooped on by prying eyes. What's more, users don't have to pay for a VPN while it is used nor do they need to cough up for an annual subscription fee. It's all 'in the box'. When connected to the internet via a private broadband connection, this probably won't make a big difference to your browsing. However, if you access sensitive websites, like your online banking apps, via a publicly available Wi-Fi connection, then the VPN will shield your communications from anyone else who has access to the data passing back and forth.

Using the browser

Opera's many features are laid out simply. Getting to use the popular VPN feature is intuitive, for example. All you need to do is to confirm the 'Enable VPN' option under the browser's security and privacy settings. Visual bookmarks and tab cycling help to keep track of all the websites you might have opened at any one time, but not read fully. This makes it a very handy tool for people who do lots of online research and might need to revisit partially read articles, for instance. The browser comes with what the developers call a 'Turbo Feature' which is easily accessed, too. This is designed to upload websites to your device's screen extremely rapidly due to some nifty data compression techniques. It should even put your power consumption under less stress making your battery last longer into the bargain. Another handy feature which is easy to enable is a currency converter function. This is ideal for comparing prices when shopping online, especially if you are looking for that special something on overseas websites. Lastly, Opera software makes for a pop-up advertisement-free environment. Ideal if you don't like lots of ads getting in the way of what you are actually searching for, the maker's claim that by far the majority of annoying ads are prevented from popping on to your screen and slowing your computer down as a result.

Does Opera's web software make browsing better?

Although many of the features offered by this clever little browser are available with other sorts of software, the key is that many of them are included from the start. You don't need to go searching for suitable extensions made by third-party software developers and hope that they will work reliably. This package is much more of a one-stop-shop and perfect for anyone wanting to enable VPNs when they are out and about.



Opera 47.0.2631.71

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    "its great"

    It is better than any other software i like it very much . More.

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  • Hendrik En Tionette Swart

    by Hendrik En Tionette Swart

    "very convenient surge machine"

    Works really well when operating Facebook and Whats app and google . . More.

    reviewed on April 30, 2017

  • ilieavram

    by ilieavram


    is a god app a little safe than google :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))). More.

    reviewed on March 22, 2017

  • Stanley Best

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    "i want opera in my tvplease"

    i love opera web site and i want opera web in my television. More.

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    "It was a frustration on Windows 10. "

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