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Opera Browser60.0.3255.170

The free next-generation web browser

Opera is undoubtedly one of the best web browsers in the market today. The developers of this Chromium-based software aimed to deliver a product that does far more than simple web navigation: in addition to browsing, you can use it to chat, read the news and sync data between all your devices on which it is installed.

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  • Alessio Oliva

    by Alessio Oliva

    the best browser ever, better than Chrome, Firefox and Safari...The only one with social messenger built in!

  • James Paulsen

    by James Paulsen

    It is just an easier browser to use. It is my main browser and Chrome is my secondary. Some sites I visit have warnings that the browser I use (Opera) may not be supported. This is with many financial sites I visit on a weekly basis. I ignore them as I don't have issues with it. I whole heartily recommend this browser over any others.

  • Michaela Smith

    by Michaela Smith

    It's my (2nd) favorite browser after Chrome! It has a great ad-block feature as well as its very own free VPN!

  • علاء على

    by علاء على

    nice and easy and have alot of beauty scene that make easy for search

  • mezah hazem

    by mezah hazem

    its more save and more faster than others and its look more fancy :-)

  • Bill Dawson

    by Bill Dawson

    Opera was great before they added the poorly named "speed dial" tab. It takes a very long time to buffer. Search results from that page take a very long time to appear. And if you type in a differnt url in the address bar it takes a very long time to switch to that web page. The great thing about Opera was that it was fast! But ironically the speed dial slowed it way down.

  • Judith Urban

    by Judith Urban

    I had it long ago and loved it, but I forgot the specifics as to why. I remember that some program made me delete it. I'm trying it again now though because it was a great browser that was easy to use.

  • DN Madantic

    by DN Madantic

    its great. It is better than any other software i like it very much . Pros: Themes. Wallpaper. Cons: more Themes. More wallpaper

  • Hendrik En Tionette Swart

    by Hendrik En Tionette Swart

    very convenient surge machine. Works really well when operating Facebook and Whats app and google. .

  • Ilie Avram

    by Ilie Avram

    1000. is a god app a little safe than google :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  • Stanley Best

    by Stanley Best

    i want opera in my tvplease. i love opera web site and i want opera web in my television

  • by Anonymous

    So far the best browser I've used in quite some time.. I love this browser and it's fast loading and easy to use. I have no problems with Opers and love the way bookmarks are saved with pictures of saved pages. I just wish it has main page themes to enhance the looks. Pros: The speed and ease of use. Cons: I would like to see browser themes instead of tab themes.

  • by Anonymous

    It was a frustration on Windows 10. . I had Opera 31 for Windows 10 on my laptop AND on my desktop. I uninstalled it from both of them after two weeks of trial. It was quirky, I hated the interface and I wasn't pleased with all of the garbage I was getting in the background after I'd be online for awhile. Besides, games like Battlefield 3 and 4 would crash big time. They never did before the instaMore

  • by Anonymous

    SPEED DIAL,, Should renamed NO dial.. Found the speed dial buffering for ages, ive tried a week with this , but regret ive uninstalled it, just so slow, but liked everything about look etc etc , but not loading, had same with chrome on and off for years, so what next.

  • by Anonymous

    No mouse control and slower download speed.. No mouse control. The mouse is very glitchy often clicking when I don't want it to or moving on it's own. Opera and other browsers no problem unless the site itself has a clunky interface. Pros: The old opera from 2012. Cons: Progress bar on downloads. Better mouse to user interface.

  • Shane George

    by Shane George

    one of the worst browser for PC, nearly 100 adds pop up at the same time!!!. why soo many adds?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • by Anonymous

    Stay away from this by all means. The Opera 31 is the worst Opera ever. Impossible to even understand how to use it. Old bookmarks are turned into a screen full of tiles that are unusable. Email is gone..It is just a piece of sowtware to avoid. Opera 9.x was supperior to this.

  • by Anonymous

    Was an Opera evangelist; not any more after v.29. To show how lousy the new Opera (v. 29+) is, many of the available extensions are designed to make it perform more like Opera 12, which was great. Old bookmarks will import, but are in random order, not alphabetized. It is LESS configurable that v.12. I've used Opera for many years. Up through v.12 I'd tell anybody who would listen how great it wasMore

  • by Anonymous

    Opera Browser Download New. Opera Download Free

  • by Anonymous

    java64 and flash64 works on opera64 wery fine. Bravo.. In opera 64-bit work fine flash 64, java64. Is there any ver. in Slovenian language Opera64 ?

  • by Anonymous

    10 out of 10 for the best legacy.. The one that brought the most innovation in the browser market. 10 out of 10 for the best legacy.

  • by Anonymous

    New features on Opera . Hi! Thank you for your comment. We have improved a lot since V17. The new versions have added many new features such as: • Visual Bookmarks and Bookmark sharing (you can share a whole folder of bookmarks in a short link!) • HiDPI support (which is particularly good on Linux I might add). • Large tab previews (sure previews existed but you couldn’t actually read a page withoMore

  • by Anonymous

    Opera 27 is good, but Opera 12 has better things to offer.. It really misses the functionalities available in opera 12 (closing all tabs but the actual vs closing all tabs to the right, private tab vs private window for web surfing, and many others).. although it has better website compatibilities. Maybe if developers use opera 12 again for a couple of weeks and take note of what it had to offer fMore

  • by Anonymous

    Won't run on Mac 10.6.8! (Why isn't this info included here?). Opera for Mac requires OSX 10.7 -- won't run on 10.6! more. more. more (system won't let me submit such a short comment!)

  • by Anonymous

    Greatest browser. Excellent! Opera is still one of the best browsers! I wish it didn't drop it's built-in torrent downloader, but it can be fixed. Very stable and the bookmarks are pure awesomeness! Pros: Stable. Cool looks. Bookmarks management. Cons: Bring back torrents!

  • by Anonymous

    I really love it. I Love it so much. Pros: all about it. Cons: we need back up to get our bookmarks back

  • by Anonymous

    its fast and simple browser. its fast and simple browser. beautifull themes and ability to creat new themes/

  • by Anonymous

    Opera has killed itself. Opera has more or less killed itself. It is useless for people who have to manage large bookmarks collections. If you import bookmarks, you have to klick on every bookmark you want to import, unless they are in a folder. You are not allowed to choose the file which contains the bookmarks. It just grabs bokmarks from an older version of Opera. The new bookmark line takes upMore

  • by Anonymous

    I am very much dissapointed: Block Content feature is absent in Opera 18. I think Opera v 18 is just a disaster. I used to prefer Opera because of the only feature, Block Content... It is out now, helas

  • by Anonymous

    The fat lady the OPERA IS OVER.. The browser stinks. All the most useful features are gone. And the fact it is really Chrome in disguise tells me that money made this happen. They sold out the users for political reasons. Thats why I am 100% done with it. No toolbars. Cannot change buttons. It isn't customizable like it once was. And for all this to happen so sudden like tells me they hMore