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"Long time Opera User..here's why"

I have used Opera for years now and despite trying out everything from IE to Midori i always come back to Opera. It's the fastest and many of the features now common in browsers Opera invented and several of the various add ons for Firefox have been long time regular features on Opera. Other advantages include built in BitTorrent support.It also has built in e-mail and IRC support as well. Opera Link allows you to save your favorite sites and settings to an account and use them on another system including Opera's mobile browsers.The most interesting aspect of Opera is something that other vendors are just now starting to toy with. Opera calls it Unite and it's been around since Opera 9. Unite allows you to assign your files a webpage and a password. You can then access those files from any other computer in the world this includes media files so you can watch movies and hear music from your home on any other system. Opera has also been 100% 3WC compliant since v1.0.

  • Innovation
  • Unite
  • Speed
  • Customization
  • 100% 3WC Compliance
  • Fewer add ons but you may not care.

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01 Apr 2011

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