11 essential extensions for Opera 11

James Thornton


When Opera 11 was released last month, the browser added support for extensions for the first time. At the time of launch there were only around 200 add-ons available. Now that figure has almost doubled, as developers clamor to produce plug-ins for the excellent new browser. Here is a selection of the 10 that we consider to be the most useful:

Fastest TubeFastestTube

Want to download a video from YouTube? Thanks to FastestTube you can do so directly from Opera 11 while browsing YouTube.

Download HelperDownload Helper

If you download stuff from file dump sites such as MegaUpload, Mediafire or 4Shared, then you’ll find this add-on very handy. Download Helper allows you to save time when using these sites, by automatically starting the download after the waiting time ends.


One of the great features of Google Chrome is now available for Opera: the ability to automatically translate web pages that are in a different language.

Weather ForecastWeather Forecast

Install Weather Forecast in Opera 11 and you’ll be able to stay on top of what’s happening in the skies at all times. The Yahoo! Weather Channel-powered extension displays temperature wind, pressure, humidity and more.

Facebook ChatFacebook Chat

Now you can keep chatting to people on Facebook without actually being on the site itself. The Facebook Chat extension for Opera is accessible from a button on the toolbar, loading the chat feature in a floating window.

Panic ButtonPanic Button

If you’ve ever been in a situation where you’ve been caught looking at something online that you shouldn’t be, install Panic Button to prevent it happening again. The extension allows you to hide all your tabs at once with a single click, then restore them later.

Gmail CheckerGmail Checker

Gmail users shouldn’t be without this Opera 11 extension. Gmail Checker displays the number of unread messages in your inbox, and allows you to go to your mail account with a single click. You can even enable sound notifications for when a new email comes in.


Don’t you just hate it when web sites make you register in order to access them? With this extension installed you just hit a button and BugMeNot automatically fills in free login details for the site, saving you lots of time.


Like the sound of a song you’re listening to on YouTube? With this app installed, you just need to hit a button and the audio will be directly downloaded to your PC as an MP3 file.


Ad-blocking extensions are always among the most popular, and AdSweep is arguably the pick of the bunch for Opera 11. The small add-on hides elements of a page that show advertisements.


If you want to perform a quick calculation while browsing the web, this extension is ideal. Simply click the button in your toolbar and you’ve got instant access to a calculator in Opera 11!

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