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"Certainly the best browser on Earth."

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I tried them all :Internet Explorer, the much praised Firefox with its add-ons and the fast Google Chrome. But none of them gave me the pleasure of surfing the INTERNET as this Opera browser. If you want to get a thoroughly pleasant browsing experience you should use the Omelion skin and the bar on the left containing all you want: bookmarks, history, downloads and so on. I can say much about security; I believe one can get infected if they visit certain sites and this does not matter what security solution you're using. It's fast and light on resources and that counts a lot. I have never had any problems with this 11th iteration (I had with the beta, but my advice is to use this browser on Windows 7 OS. It's a pleasure thoroughly.

  • -fast
  • -light on resources
  • -great skins
  • -none so far

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13 Feb 2011

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