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Why you should upgrade your browser to Opera

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The browser wars have been going on for years, bringing you better features, designs, and faster performance. But whether you’re a die-hard Chrome fan or a Firefox devotee, it’s time you had a rethink. Opera’s latest browser has a ton of new features designed for the internet of the future – an internet that puts your experience, privacy, and enjoyment at its core.

Opera Browser

While most browsers have been improving through incremental upgrades, Opera has rethought the entire browser experience, setting a new standard. Why should you care? For the first time ever, you have all the tools to control your digital life in-browser, putting the world at your fingertips like never before.

You use your internet browser every day, so why settle for second best? Upgrading to Opera’s latest browser could be your best decision yet – let’s explore why.

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1. Opera is the first browser ever to support Web 3.0

Web 3.0 is an emerging technological trend that shifts control of the internet from centralized bodies – like governments, ISPs, and large corporations – to the public.

Powered by blockchain technology, a kind of decentralized, digital ledger, Web 3.0 describes a free and democratic internet that gives power to the people using it. So no more spying, censorship, or exploitation of users by elite groups or organizations.

Web 3.0 networks are run entirely by the people connected to them, and Opera is the first browser ever to let you browse and transact on these new networks. You will therefore enjoy all the benefits of Web 3.0 – such as decentralized applications, digital asset management, and more – before anyone else.

2. Enjoy a FREE and unlimited VPN

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) both protects you online and ensures you can access every website on the internet – even if they’re blocked in your country. It works by routing all your incoming and outgoing internet traffic through its servers, thereby masking your location and encrypting any data you share.

Most VPNs cost money, cap your usage, and require you to install an extension that’s potentially unsafe. Opera, however, integrates a powerful, unlimited VPN in-browser for FREE. Better yet, there are no usage limits, and you can toggle it on and off by clicking a button in the URL bar – no extra installations or extensions required.

Explore the Web of the future with Opera Reborn 3 Free Download
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3. Block ads and other unwanted content

Ads are a frustrating distraction, drawing you away from the content you love. With large gaudy images, spammy headlines, and a creepy knowledge of your interests, it can feel like having a pushy sales team inside your machine. But with Opera’s built-in ad-blocker, you can kick them out for good.

Some websites, however, rely on ad revenue to survive. They will often put content behind paywalls that require you to view ads before accessing the content. Luckily, Opera lets you whitelist certain websites to allow ads through, giving you full control over the content you want or don’t want to see.

4. Safely store your digital value with Crypto Wallet

Remember Web 3.0? Another benefit of blockchain networks is the ability to create digital value. Since digital assets are flexible, borderless, and efficient, they can help fix many of the problems of our existing economies as well as bring financial services to millions of the unbanked around the world.

Opera’s integrated Crypto Wallet lets you join the Web 3.0 economy. You can store, send, and transact digital value in-browser, secured by private keys stored on your smartphone. So whether you’re storing cryptocurrency, trading digital assets like Bitcoin, or using your favorite Ethereum dApp, you can do everything without leaving your browser.

5. Enjoy a redesign that emphasizes digital freedom

The internet is evolving faster than ever, but you don’t have to let others decide your experience for you. With Opera, you can personalize the web. Don’t like ads? Turn on ad-blocker. Can’t access censored content? Use the VPN. Want to explore Web 3.0? Explore blockchain networks and sign transactions through the integrated Crypto Wallet.

Opera’s redesign puts everything you need for a personal, tailored web experience. From the integrated snapshot tool to the battery saver, from the light and dark browser themes to the Messenger and Whatsapp integration – Opera is one of the most sophisticated and user-centric browsers available today. Download Opera now and enjoy a web made just for you.

Explore the Web of the future with Opera Reborn 3 Free Download
Install the browser and join our mailing list to get all the juicy tips!

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