You can now enter Yat’s colorful emoji URLs in Opera

Monique Casingal


Opera, one of the most popular web browsers, has now integrated the emoji-based web addresses of Yat into its system. This new feature allows you to type in strings of emoji on the address bar and get redirected to a webpage, as well as register your own unique emoji combo as your personal domain on the internet.

A Yat is an all-in-one emoji username that acts as your universal online identity, website URL, payment address, and the like. It promotes both user-friendliness in typing in website links and self-expression, so this partnership with Opera opens up more ways for Yat users and creators to reach out to the world.

You can now enter Yat’s colorful emoji URLs in Opera

The way Yats work is that you can buy them like domain names and create a string of up to five commonly-used emojis to act as your personal URL, among other things. This makes it so that creators and celebrities like Lil’ Wayne can promote their websites while still retaining creativity on the links’ appearance. 

Typically, you need to type in “” before the emojis to make them work but Opera foregoes that entirely. Now, you can immediately insert the emoji combinations on Opera’s URL bar and it will open up the corresponding Yat page. Emojis embedded on web pages link to the Yat page automatically, too. There’s even a little pop-up on the URL bar you can use to easily select emoji characters.

Opera rolled out this feature on all of its browsers on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS—including its Crypto Browser Project. This makes it the very first browser to support emoji-based web addresses. Not only does this add to the various cool features Opera has, but it’s also another good reason as to why you should consider switching to Opera.

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