Opera Mini 8 released for BlackBerry and Java

Jonathan Riggall


Users of Java or older BlackBerry phones are in luck. Opera, one of the few major developers who still looks after users of older mobile operating sytems, has released Opera Mini 8.

The new version of the browser features incognito tabs, which don’t save your history or cookies, so you can log in to any service you like without leaving a trace on the phone. It also has a new night mode, which reduces brightness in low light, making browsing in the dark more comfortable and possible saving your battery.

Opera Mini 8 released for BlackBerry and Java

The Norwegian firm has also improved data compression for Opera Mini 8, so you don’t waste data downloading pages optimised for the high resolution screens found on iOS and Android devices. With this data saving mode, Opera claims they reduce the weight of pages by at least 10%.

Download Opera Mini 8 for Java and BlackBerry


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