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Opera releases Max app to help you save data

Lewis Leong


Opera is bringing its data compression abilities to Android users in a standalone app. While the Opera browser for Android helps you save data while browsing, Opera Max will help you reduce data use across the Android operating system. Opera Max promises to compress videos, images, and text to help reduce your data consumption. This will be especially handy for people who don’t have unlimited data plans.

Opera Max Nexus 5

Opera releases Max app to help you save data

The way Opera Max works is by using a virtual private network (VPN) to send data to Opera’s servers for compression before it’s sent to you. Some users may be wary of sending data to Opera’s servers but the company promises only to measure how much data you use and how much data Opera Max has saved. Opera Max also only compresses data from HTTP (non-encrypted) sources and not HTTPS sources. This means data from sensitive accounts will not be sent to Opera to be compressed.

Opera Max is launching in beta today and only on Android. To get the beta, you first have to join the Opera Google+ Community and opt into becoming a beta tester at this link. Joining the Google+ group will unlock the Google Play link to download the app.

Download Opera Max beta for Android

Source: Opera


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