Opera for Android now supports direct Ethereum Layer 2 Wallet

Monique Casingal


Opera has recently announced an Ethereum Layer 2 Wallet for its Opera for Android app, allowing for direct transactions with the popular cryptocurrency. This makes it the very first mobile browser to have such a feature, and you can access this by installing the app’s beta version.

Opera has already been making strides in the cryptocurrency tech industry these past few years—with the introduction of its built-in crypto wallet back in 2018 and the beta launch of its Web3-powered Crypto Browser Project back in January 2022. Thus, this new feature takes things one step further for the future of the app.

Opera for Android now supports direct Ethereum Layer 2 Wallet

To support Ethereum Layer 2, Opera has integrated with DeversiFi on this endeavor—which is a hybrid Ethereum exchange platform. The integration is also powered by StarkWare, so users can expect cheap and instant transactions from Opera for Android. Additionally, it improves efficiency for Opera users who want to send Ethereum (ETH) to each other via Peer-to-Peer (P2P) transactions.

The Ethereum Layer 2 Wallet is currently only available in Opera for Android’s beta version, which can either be downloaded from the official website or Google Play Store. To start using it, install the beta, go to the browser’s settings, open the Crypto Wallet feature, and activate the L2 card found there. You can deposit fiat money directly via Moonpay or deposit ETH from your Layer 1 wallet. Then, you can swap and transfer tokens directly into the wallet.

The Crypto Browser Project will also be integrating Layer 2 solutions sometime in the near future. This will no doubt expand Opera’s capabilities and show its drive to innovate and follow the trends. Another cool new feature worth checking out is the browser supporting the emoji-only URLs of Yat and allowing you to instantly open Yat pages.

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