Opera 22 out now

Jonathan Riggall


Opera 22, the latest version of the innovative browser, is out today. It adds new themes and introduces smaller silent updates.

Version 22 came to the Opera development channel in March, and was described as a major update. ‘Silent updates’ is a big change, and means you will no longer be asked to update Opera, or be interrupted with requests to do so. Opera now updates automatically, so you’ll never have to worry about having the latest version. Of course, this also means you can’t choose to stay with an older version.

Opera 22 out now

Opera 22 also includes five new themes showcasing Norwegian scenery. The browser was ‘born’ in Norway, and the development team apparently decided it was time to give Opera a Scandinavian feel! You’re not forced into decorating Opera with dramatic and beautiful scenery – more themes can be added from the themes section of the Opera add-ons site.

Opera 22 is available now for Windows and Mac.

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